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Liberty Municipal Library

Library Behavior

Library Behavior:

It is the desire of the City of Liberty to provide a safe, welcoming environment at the Liberty Municipal Library and people of all ages are encouraged to use the facility.

People demonstrating disruptive behavior will be asked to refrain from such activity.  Continued disruptive behavior will result in expulsion from the library.  Disruptive behavior includes but is not limited to: shouting, loud talking, cell phone use, inappropriate behavior, running, misuse of city property, actions that deliberately annoy others, eating, drinking, sleeping, smoking, lewd acts or sexual misconduct, and abusive language and behavior.

Parents are responsible for their children’s behavior while in the library.  Parents are asked to remove children if they are causing a disturbance.  Young children must be attended by a parent or responsible adult at all times while in the library.  If a parent cannot be located, disruptive unattended children will be placed in the care of the Liberty Police Department.

Unattended Children:

Older children who have not been picked up at closing time may call their parent.  If the child has not been picked up within 15 minutes after closing time the Liberty Police Department will be called to provide supervision until the parent arrives.

Under no conditions will a library staff member transport children home.

Overdue Materials

An item is considered overdue if not returned by the due date.  A one-day grace period is allowed and then overdue materials are subject to the fine schedule.  See Fines Schedule below.

Overdue Notices

Material is due on the date printed on the date due receipt.  A courtesy call is given to the patron reminding them their materials are overdue after one week, and additional reminder calls will be made.  An overdue notice is sent out for materials overdue by one week.  A letter from the Municipal Judge is sent after two weeks, and a subpoena from the Liberty Police Department is sent after three weeks.  The Liberty Police Department will make an attempt to collect materials.  Failure to return materials to the library is considered theft of City property.  Pursuant to City of Liberty Ordinance Section 11-3, failure to return materials borrowed from the public library is a criminal offense, punishable by a fine up to $25.

The library is not responsible for undeliverable notices.  Please advise the library of a change in your mailing address to assure you receive notifications about your account.

The Suspension of Privileges

When a patron’s fines exceed $7.50 a patron’s library privileges are suspended until the fine is paid down under the $7.50 limit.  The Library will block a borrower's card for non-returned or damaged materials including interlibrary loan materials.

Lost Materials Policy:

All materials that are claimed by the borrower as lost must be paid for plus any accrued fines.  Fines continue to accrue until lost materials are paid for.  The total fines cannot exceed the cost of the material.  A patron who reports more than four books per year as lost will lose checkout privileges for a period of six months.  A second violation will result in loss of checkout privileges for one year.  A third violation will result in permanent loss of library checkout privileges.


If materials that have been lost and paid for are found within one year and are not damaged, a refund for the cost of the materials only will be issued.  A refund form will be filled out, turned in to City Hall, and a check will be written and mailed to the patron on the 1st or 15th of the month.  The cost of fines and postage will not be refunded.

Renewal limits
: Materials may be renewed one time only.  If a reserve has been placed on the material it may not be renewed.  The renewals policy is intended to encourage users to return items they are no longer actively using.  This makes more books
available for use by other library users.

Preservation of Library Books:

Materials must be returned to the library in the same condition in which they were borrowed.  Charges will be assessed for materials that are returned damaged.  Materials that are damaged beyond repair will result in replacement costs and processing fees being assessed.  Please note any previously existing damages to the library staff as soon as possible.

Please avoid the following conditions and common sources of damage to books:

  • Moisture from rain, spilled beverages, etc. (will discolor paper and may cause mold)
  • Inappropriate materials as bookmarks such as paperclips and pencils
  • Folding the corner of a page as a place marker (dog-earing)
  • Pets (dogs like to chew on books)

Fees and Fines Schedule

1.  Fines are 10 cents per day for books, magazines, and audio books.

2.  Fines are $1.00 per day for videos and DVDs.

3.  Fines are $1.00 per day per book for overdue reference books and interlibrary loans.

4.  Lost library card replacement fee: $5.00

5.  B&W copies are 15 cents each for computer printouts and copies.  
     11x17 enlargements are 30 cents each.

6.  Color computer printouts and color copies are 50 cents per page. 
     11x17 color printouts or copies are $1.00 each

7. Replacement barcodes on books are 25 cents each.

8.  Replacement book covers are $1 each

9. Lost or damaged book replacement fee is the cost of the book.

10.  Fines cannot exceed the actual cost of the overdue material.

11. Interlibrary Loan: cost of postage to return the materials.

12.  Fax charges to send are $1.50 for the first page and $1 each for additional

13.  Fax charges to receive are 15 cents each.

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