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Liberty Municipal Library

Library Abbreviations

What the abbreviations in the library mean.

BLU - Blu-Ray

CD - Recorded books or music

CN - Cliff Notes

DVD - Digital Versatile Disc

E - Easy (Picture Books)

EQU - Equipment

F - Adult Fiction

GEN  - Genealogy

J - Juvenile Fiction

LP - Large Print

M - Mystery

MAG - Magazine

PB - Paperback

- Reference

RA - Read Along

SC - Story Collection

SF - Science Fiction

SP - Spanish/ Bilingual

SP DVD - Spanish DVD

SP E - Spanish/ Bilingual Easy (Picture Books)

SP F - Spanish Fiction

SP J - Spanish/ Bilingual Juvenile 

SP VE - Spanish/ Bilingual Very Easy (Board Books)

SP YA - Spanish Young Adult

SP VIDEO - Spanish Video

ST - Big Books

VE - Very Easy (Board Books)

W - Western

YA - Young Adult