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Liberty Municipal Library

Library Services

So much to see, so much to do @ your library

The Library's Collection

The Liberty Municipal Library has a collection that is constantly growing.               

Dewy Decimal System

000 - Generalities                                      500 - Natural Sciences & Mathematics         

100 - Philosophy & Psychology                 600 - Technology (Applied Sciences)

200 – Religion                                            700 - The Arts

300 - Social Sciences                                 800 - Literature

400 – Language                                          900 - Geography & History

Large Print & Regular Print Books on

Large print materials and books on  CD are available for the visually impaired.

Books on CD are especially enjoyed by our patrons who commute to and from work or school.

Spanish Language Materials

The library has a small but growing collection of books and movies in Spanish for adults and bi-lingual books for children.

Reference Assistance

Finding a fact, date, or name can be done via phone or in person.

Guidance is available in-house for students working on school assignments.

Library staff cannot do research for students.

Online Card Catalog

Patrons may access our online card catalog from home through the library's link on the City of Liberty's official website, or
by directly accessing

Patrons may view their accounts, renew materials, and browse the library's holdings.


Computers are available for reference work, internet access, word processing, or children's programs and games.

B&W printouts are $0.15 per page and color printouts are $0.50 per page.

Wireless Internet access is provided.


Black & White or Color copies available. Self-serving.

Copies       Size                  Amount

B/W             8 1/2 x 11          $.15/per page
Color           8 1/2 x 11          $.50/per page
B/W             11 x 17              $.50/per page
Color           11 x 17              $1.00/per page

Outreach Activities

Paws 4 Love

Reading Education Assistance Dogs provide an inviting and motivating environment for children. R.E.A.D. dogs are registered therapy animals who volunteer with their owners as a team to help improve children's reading and communication skills.

Learning to read is often less about intellectual limitations than about over coming fears.


Animals are ideal reading companions because they:

- help increase relaxation and lower blood pressure
- listen attentively
- do not judge, laugh, or criticize
- allow children to proceed at their own pace
- are less intimidating than peers


Participating kids make enormous strides in reading and
communication skills while, building self-esteem, confidence, 
and social skills. 

And there are other bonus benefits - performance in other subjects tends to improve, as does attendance.

Paws 4 Love @ The Liberty Municipal Library

School-age children can sign up for a time to come to the Liberty Municipal Library and "READ TO ROVER"!  Time slots will be filled on a "first come - first served" basis.  The reading sessions will last about 20 minutes.  Check with the circulation desk for available times and make your appointment today!

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