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Liberty Municipal Library

Library Policies

Welcome to the Liberty Municipal Library.  We want you to enjoy the library.  In order to make this facility a pleasant place to read and study, the Liberty Municipal Library Board has adopted a code of conduct which prohibits the following:

A. * Loud, profane, or abusive language, or vulgar language if it incites a breach of the peace

B.    Possessing or consuming food or beverages

C.    Recognized gang activity and apparel

D.    Wearing indecent or vulgar apparel

E.    Use of tobacco products

F.  * Possession, use, or distribution of any type of controlled substance or drug except as permitted by law

G. * Intoxication by reason of alcohol, a controlled substance or drug, or a combination of these substances

H. * Possession, use, or display of a firearm or other weapon

I.   * Any form of conduct that disrupts public library service or endangers the public or library property.  This includes: fighting, running, unreasonable noise, moving chairs from one table to another, or loitering or soliciting.

J. *  Harassing patrons or library personnel

K.     Placing feet on tables or chairs (see I above: constitutes abuse of city property); tilting back in chairs (see I above: disrupts/obstructs library service)

L.     Bringing animals which are not hearing or Seeing Eye dogs into the building.

M.    Parents/ guardians may not leave children 8 and under unattended in the library.  All children age 8 and under must be accompanied and adequately supervised by a responsible person sixteen years of age or older.

The violation of any one of these rules may subject the individual(s) to exclusion from the Library.

*  Conduct or behavior against the laws of the City or State.

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