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Liberty Municipal Library

Story Time

Books that will be read at Story Time in December.
  • The Night Before Christmas

    This New York Times bestseller is a holiday treat! It is the night before Christmas . . . in a house so cozy and colorful that only the beloved Mary Engelbreit could have created it. Not a creature is stirring. Then there's the jingle of bells. . . . For this merry holiday celebration, every page is filled with bewitching details, rich color, and memorable characters. A bevy of mischievous elves, an adorable mouse, and a jolly, bespectacled Santa await. Make Mary's joyous vision a part of your special Christmas!

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  • Christmas Cricket

    In a California garden on a rainy night, Cricket feels small and worthless. He hops up some steps and finds himself in a place filled with light and warmth and a tall, sparkling tree. He begins to sing but is scared into silence by two voices, one big and one small. It is then that he makes a marvelous discovery. Eve Bunting’s text is filled with her customary tenderness and charm, and Timothy Bush has captured its mood in his luminous illustrations. Together they create a memorable holiday book about a cricket who discovers that though he may be small, he is not insignificant.

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  • Room for a Little One

    'Tis the eve of Christmas--a cold winter's night--when Kind Ox offers to share his stable by the inn. Assuring each tentative visitor that "there's always room for a little one," he first gives shelter to Old Dog, then, in quick succession, Stray Cat, Small Mouse, and Tired Donkey, who is accompanied by Joseph and a weary Mary. As predators and prey gather together in "the peace of a stable," they learn lessons about tolerance and generosity. Finally, they bear witness to the birth of the most wondrous "Little One" of all: the baby Jesus. Waddell, the author of the popular Little Bear series illustrated by Barbara Firth and many others, delivers another winner here. Quiet, meaningful, and ideal for the youngest readers, Waddell's simple text in large, easy-to-read type is rendered magical by Cockcroft's glowing acrylics. A majestic addition to any holiday collection. ~ Booklist,

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  • Captain Sky Blue

    Fun and adventure from Caldecott Medal winner Richard Egielski On Christmas morning, Jack meets his “best toy pal,” Captain Sky Blue, a pilot figurine who springs from his box and salutes his new friend. Together, Jack and Sky build a plane from a kit and send Sky on aerial missions. Then lightning destroys the little aircraft, and Sky parachutes away but is blown far from home. Egielski’s action-packed artwork hits its full, fantastical stride in the subsequent scenes, which follow Sky deep into the ocean, where he explores both a whale’s belly and a submarine, until a magic elevator sends him straight into the dry haven of Santa’s workshop. After repackaging himself as a gift for Jack, Sky faces one more perilous flight: he helps Santa steer his sleigh through a driving storm safely to Jack’s house, where the friends joyfully reunite. ~Booklist,

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  • Merry Creature Christmas

    Another whimsical tale from Dandi Daley Mackall and illustrated by Gene Barretta will have children celebrating Christmas with the creatures of the forest. When Christmastime comes around, it seems even the animals find a way to offer praise and honor to the birth of Jesus. Although the older, wiser animals are afraid to invite Big Bear to join in the festivities, Star, the young colt, isn't quite as timid. Big Bear surprises them all as he leaps from his sleep to exclaim, "Merry Creature Christmas!" A delightful story for children of all ages, Merry Creature Christmas reminds readers of the reason to celebrate the holiday season.

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