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Liberty Municipal Library

Virtual Travel Ideas & Advice for Aspiring Activists

Junior Library Guild provides virtual travel options and inspiring advice for library patrons.

Armchair Travel as Self-Care
By the LJ and SLJ editors
Those of us who like to travel weren't able to venture too far this summer due to the ongoing pandemic. However, the tourism industry has been working hard over the last few months to create appealing virtual experiences for travelers to explore from home. We highlight eye-catching locations from around the world. 

With many parts of the United States experiencing extreme weather, we also feature books on climate change and climate activism, which will draw in teen and adult readers. We also share advice for aspiring activists interested in the voting process and sparking change.

Explore the World with Virtual Travel
By Melanie Kletter
Traveling virtually has many benefits: it's low cost and offers increased accessibility. If you are feeling wanderlust, here are some interesting national parks, safaris, cultural monuments, and underwater sanctuaries from around the world.

Climate Concerns
By LJ Editors
Jane Fonda writes an urgent call for environmental action. The Dalai Lama shares a climate appeal to the world. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson and Katharine K. Wilkinson gather feminist voices in the climate movement.

Buzz-worthy Books of the Week

·        Chicano Eats by Esteban Castillo

·        Gambling with Armageddon by Martin J Sherwin

·        Invisible Girl by Lisa Jewell

·        Blood Runs Coal by Mark A Bradley

Four New Books on Perfecting Pie
By LJ Reviews
Erin Jeanne McDowell considers all aspects of pie while Kate McDermott features original takes. Ken Haedrich offers a mix of classic and contemporary treats, and Lauren Ko debuts with a fun collection of pies as works of art.

Five Debut YA Authors on Their Challenges, Surprises, and Advice for Teens
By Katy Hershberger
As they look forward to publishing their first YA titles, these authors discuss writing about pain and joy, the long process of publishing, and advice for activists and college-bound teens.

"Abnormal Standard Time": Advice to Kids Living Through a Pandemic
By Barbara Dee
The middle grade author reflects on loneliness and survival in her latest novel, My Life in the Fish Tank, and its unintentional ties to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Get Smart About Voting
By Cicely Lewis
Titles to inspire young and future voters at all grade levels.